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Best Tool for Promotion Management Ever

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What is PRM?

It's an intelligent cloud-based engine that can be accessed everywhere with a user-friendly interface to manage trade promotions.

Why use PRM?

PRM, the first enterprise promotions management engine that boosts your sales revenues while melting your stocks down, and no hardware required.

Who Uses PRM?

PRM is being used especially by Sales&Marketing departments all over the world adds value to the companies by boosting their sales revenue.

How to Use PRM?

PRM could perform from any device that can go online, and once integrated with your sales channels, you are ready to go!

About Us

PRM is a customer focused engine that can help you increase your companys profit and brings a new approach to the promotions management.

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Rumeli Hisar Üstü,
Kosgeb No:7 Istanbul info@bestera.netPhone: +90 (212) 2650132